Airport Guide

Meet & Greet Service

We provide Meet and greet service as our drivers will be waiting for you at the international arrival hall at meeting points of each terminal. If you encounter any issues please call our 24 hours representatives 02084391111 or you may have received our driver and vehicle details as a text message. You can click on the link supplied in the text to track your driver.

Meeting & Greet instructions: On your arrival to London Airports, we monitor the status of your flight online via respected websites.

Do not worry about possible delays of the flight. We will know about it and we charge nothing more for extra waiting.

10 – 15 minutes after your flight landed the driver goes to the arrival hall and waits for you until you show up.

The driver will hold a placard with your name. If there is a trouble with meeting or Your flight arrived early or if you have to wait for your luggage too long (more than 50 minutes) try to call us or your driver.
Driver details and vehicle information’s will be provided through our automated text message from our cloud server to UK numbers Only. Passengers with an International number please call our office numbers.
Office Hot-line numbers:

Terminal 2: Boots/WHSmith (store)
Terminal 3: Boots/WHSmith (store)
Terminal 4: Costa Coffee (cafe)
Terminal 5: Costa Coffee (cafe)

Gatwick North: Costa Coffee (cafe)
Gatwick South: Costa Coffee (cafe)
Luton: Please Call 02084391111
Stanstead: Please Call 02084391111
London City Airport: Please Call 02084391111

Picking up and dropping off all London Airports

The terminal forecourts are drop-off only – waiting isn’t allowed for security reasons. If you’re picking up passengers you should use the Short Stay car parks.

Drivers are NOT authorized to pick up or wait for passengers at the drop-off areas. There is no other way around it. The passengers receive notifications by the app, and they know where they are supposed to go. You just have to wait for them at the designated level of the short-

Drivers are liable for penalty charge

Airport & Toll Charges

All the customers has to pay the Airport Parking charges or any toll charges (congestion charge etc)

Why do I have to pay for parking at the airport?

Our driver will be charged a parking fee when exiting the airport and as this fee cannot be predetermined as it can vary depending on the length of stay, we apply this charge after the booking has been completed.

Do you charge waiting time at airports?

Within your booking quote we include 30 minutes waiting time. You can add a delay time to your booking if you feel that you need more time. After this period waiting time is charged accordingly.

Where will my driver meet me?

This depends on the airport you are travelling into so be sure to check your email confirmation for your specific pick up point.

Why do you need the flight number when picking up from airports?

If you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking then this allows for us to monitor the relevant flight and alter the collection time accordingly to ensure that we meet you when your flight lands. If you wish to add a delay time to your booking to ensure you are picked up later then you can do at the time of booking.

How Our Staff Monitors Your Flight

Our staff monitors your flight online every 10 – 15 minutes. If flight delays as an update sent to the driver. you will not be charge for any flight delays. But if there is delay more than 40 mins in the baggage area or immigration there be CHARGES APPLIES. Hourly rate of £16.00 or £4.00 for every 15 minutes.

What happens if my flight has been cancelled?

If you provide us with the flight number at the time of the booking then we will be aware of this cancellation and therefore will cancel the booking. Should you need to make an alternative booking for a different date or time then you can do so via the web, app or our Customer Service Centre.

What should I do if my flight is late landing?

If you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking then we will be able to track the flight and adjust the pickup time in case of any delays.

How much luggage can I take in a car with me?

This is all dependant on the size of the car and how many passengers are travelling.

Saloon Car
in Saloon taxi it can carry 1 to 4 passengers. 2 medium size suitcases and 1 hand luggage

Estate Car
In estate it can carry 1 to 4 passengers 3 medium size suitcases and 2 hand luggage
Executive Car
Executive car can carry up to 4 passengers, 2 medium size suitcases 2 hand luggage
can carry up to 6 passengers, 4 suitcases and 2 hand luggage
can carry up to 8 passengers 6 suitcases and 2 hand luggage

Disclaimer: for MPV and MPV+ we will sent a mini bus if available otherwise we will sent separate vehicles at no additional costs.